What are the driving lesson prices?
Driving lesson prices start at £30 an hour for manual driving lessons.

What are practical driving lessons?
Practical driving lessons prepare you to pass the DVSA practical driving test so that you can qualify to drive a car on public roads. Practical driving lessons should take place with a fully qualified driving instructor in a dual-control car.

How can I find lessons near me?

Just book yourself using our booking-calendar  for a lesson and we will do the rest.

How many lessons should I take a week?
At abdrive.co.uk we encourage regular lessons once or twice a week. That way, you’ll gain experience in different weather and traffic conditions. Plus, it will give you time to absorb what you’ve learned so that you can make the best use of each session with your instructor.

Can I take lessons before passing the theory test?
Yes! You can take lessons without having passed your theory test. Some people prefer doing this as they find the practical experience of taking lessons can help them understand the Highway Code better.

However, there’s a real bonus in taking your theory as early as possible. Once you’ve passed it, you’ll know the Highway Code inside out – saving you time to focus on the practical challenges.

Do I need lessons to take the driving test?
You don’t need lessons to take the practical driving test. All you need is to be at least 17, to have passed your theory test, and to have a car (in which you’re insured) to take your test in.

It’s widely accepted though, that lessons are the best way to make safe, test-ready learners.

If you’re new to the UK and driven elsewhere you may only need a few refreshers lesson to be test ready.

Can I take lessons if I’m under 17?
In most circumstances, no. You need to be 17 and hold a provisional driving licence to start taking lessons. You can apply for your provisional licence at fifteen and nine months old, and you can book lessons too, but you can’t take them until you’re 17.

However, if you’ve received or are about to receive the mobility component of the Personal Independent Payment, then you can start lessons and take your test at 16. For everyone else though, it’s 17.

Do I need learner driver insurance?
If you’re only learning with a driving instructor, then you won’t need to worry about learner insurance. The instructor will cover that, and it’s included in the price of your lesson.

That said, if you’re going to be practising outside of lessons with a friend or family member, you’ll need insurance. Private practice helps you to hone your skills between lessons and get test-ready faster – so we’d definitely recommend it. In fact, the DVSA recommends 22 hours of private practice before taking the practical test.

Find out more about how learner driver insurance could help you pass your test faster. Or, if you’re looking for a longer term insurance option, check out how taking out a hybrid insurance policy while you learn may be able to save you money.

What’s a refresher course?
A refresher course is a short course, often five to ten hours, designed for those with prior experience of driving. Perhaps you’re returning to driving after a break, are new to driving in the UK, or just want to sharpen up.

These courses can be tailored to whatever particular skill someone wants to work on, no matter how general or specific. We recommend our five or ten-hour packages. They’re perfect for getting back up to speed!

What’s Pass Plus?
Pass Plus is a course without a test, aimed at expanding a new driver’s experience and skill set. It takes a minimum of six hours and is suggested for just after you’ve passed. It covers challenges such as night-time driving, town driving, all-weather driving, and motorway driving.

Whilst you can drive at night as a learner driver, and access the motorway (so long as you are with a qualified instructor in a dual control car), it’s rare these things are covered in normal lessons.

With Pass Plus the instructor will be able to share a wealth of knowledge that simply wouldn’t come up under the normal driving curriculum